• a teacher of English;
  • with teaching experience for more than 30 years;
  • the highest qualification category;
  • teacher-methodologist;
  • the Honoured teacher of Ukraine;
  • in Troyeschyna Gymnasium since 1992

0000156955_XqsaAdPY The author of the patented teaching technology in Ukraine called ELANTES, for individualized learning in a group. ELANTES platform creates virtual language environment at the lessons and after classes at home on Internet.

With the help of ELANTES Author’s Toolkit I created nearly 5000 interactive multimedia modules to teach students from the 4th grade to the 11th grade and some courseware for adults.

There are 5 computer labs in gymnasium, where English teachers use ELANTES modules to teach their students. There is also ELANTES HOME TUTOR website to teach students on Internet.

In 2009, my teaching experience and ELANTES technology were recognized and approved by the Academic Council of Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University In-Service Teacher Training Institute. My ‘ABC book’ (a set of workbooks for first grade students, which I created together with my colleague), was approved by the Ministry of Education of Ukraine in 1994. The primary school English teachers used them for teaching their pupils in Ukraine. I also created a number of Activity Books to develop reading skills.

My pupils successfully took part and different English Olympiads, research competitions of Small Science Academy and on eTwinning platform in different projects.

I took part in different professional city, all-Ukrainian and International Conferences, such as International Conference in Delaware, USA, 1998, Fist Microsoft Innovative Teachers Forum in London 2004, Rome 2018 and others.

I conducted seminars, workshops, webinars, and distant courses for teachers and students since 1994.

I am a member of juries of the Teacher of the Year Contests and a member of juries of English Olympiads for secondary school students. I am a methodologist-correspondent of Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University In-Service Teacher Training Institute and a member of expert group of the Ministry of Education of Ukraine to evaluate new English textbooks.

I am a winner and an awardee of different professional contests from district to international level, such as the Teacher of the Year 1997 (the 2nd place in Kyiv), the regional winner of the US-Ukraine Awards for excellence in teaching 1997, the national winner of the US-Ukraine Awards for excellence in teaching 1998. In 2012, I became the winner of all-national competition of creating digital courseware, in the nomination ‘The English language’. In 2017, I was awarded with eTwinning Quality Labels for international joint projects.

Among the certificates there is the certificate of professional development seminar of Delaware University, USA, 1998; the certificate of Microsoft Innovative Teacher, 2004.

I have published articles in different professional newspapers, journals and websites.

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