Assessment and Evaluation

Total Evaluation

Every student, who studies in ELANTES learning environment, has an online personal room.

Here they have an access to the courseware and reference libraries, and work according to the plan.

Their achievements are assessed according to the quality and the fulfillment of their plan. Every student’s performance is checked and assessed automatically and the results are stored in database. The ‘E-Register’ application calculates the marks and classifies them according to kinds of skills.

In the charts average marks are displayed. During one semester a student gets 150-200 marks to be calculated by the E-Register.

Every student can improve their results by the end of the semester.

Such detailed information is available for every student and their parents during the whole academic year. So the students can see what to improve. It is a good reason to self-improvement. It also stimulates students’ responsibility for their education.

Examples of formative assessment

Examples of summative assessment

Students' learning progress from 2012 to 2017

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