Student's achievements

ELANTES technology has been used for teaching on regular bases since 1996. E-Register, as ELANTES platform application, provides the assessment of students’ performance and helps teachers analyze learners’ results; generate and print different reports for any periods of learning. It treats semester data and generates rating lists. The differentiated analysis of various students’ results shows the steady growth of their achievements. You can see some examples of students’ performance data during a few years of study.


THE BEST OF THE BEST (Veronika_Lunina.pps)

video - V.Lunina about ELANTES

V.Lunina, Doctoral Dissertation “Multivariate Modelling of Energy Markets”, Lund University, Sweden (pdf)

Here are a few research work examples of students who became the winners of the contests of the Small Academy of Science in Kyiv.

1. The War and the Poetry by V.Lunina

2. The Linguistic Effect of the Norman Conquest by V.Voynalovich (pdf)

3. The Linguistic Effect of the Norman Conquest by V.Voynalovich (ppt)


Сертифікати учнів-переможців МАН з англійської мови:

Certificates_MAN_8_11_grades (pdf)


Certificates of the winners of research contests of the English language:

Certificates_English_Olympiads_9_Grade (pdf)

Certificates_English_Olympiads_10_Grade (pdf)

Certificates_English_Olympiads_11_Grade (pdf)


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