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Collaboration with teachers from European countries on eTwinning platform

The eTwinning platform has reached 500 000 registered teachers!

The eTwinning platform ( is the Community for schools in Europe. It is an action for schools funded by the European Commission under the Erasmus+ programme.

eTwinning has involved 500,000 teachers working in 166,000 schools. More than 50,000 projects have been run, involving more than 2,000,000 pupils across the continent.

eTwinning offers teachers to collaborate and exchange their experience participating in different projects, conferences, seminars, workshops, etc. One of these of activities is an Event. It is an online activity created by a teacher for teachers, where they can exchange ideas on different topics, projects, etc. Here are some of my Events, which I organized for my colleagues from Europe using such ICT tool as Padlet.

Padlet titles


Street art around the globe

Discovering the USA

Amazing world of parrots

The music of a language

The EternalCity… One life is not enough

VIP cultural heritage

Handwriting: to be or not to be

The ocean of life

The art of recycling

The wit and wisdom of Winnie-the-Pooh and his friends

Every classroom as a building site

The road to heaven

Happy anniversary, Lithuania!

Viva, Estonia!

Dreaming about Snow White

Christmas cheers around the world

The blue planet

Body language

A cup of cheer

A toi, a moi , a la vie …

Dancing with passion

Awesome autumn vernissage

An apple for the teacher

Happy new school year!

Classroom icebreakers

5 minutes fillers in the classroom

Ukraine the beautiful!

Dancing in the rain

The symphony of summer

At the wheel of emotions


La dolce vita

The magic of music

The key to happiness

Once upon a time …

It’s all Greek to me!

The oceans of fun

A taste of summer

Nature is the best artist

Good morning!

A cherry on my cake

A farewell party for those who love flowers and music

Eurovision Walk of Fame

European national floral symbols

Congratulations for the winner of the Eurovision 2017

Chornobyl Heroes

A great day in space

Lest we forget

Happy Earth Day

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