ELANTES Technology


  ELANTES Technology was created by 1 teacher and 2 programmers in free time without any government support.

ELANTES Technology was created by 1 teacher and 2 programmers in free time without any government support.

ELANTES teaching technology consists of:

  • ELANTES platform
  • Methodology of courseware usage;
  • Rating assessment system;
  • Technology of courseware development;
  • Multimedia courseware library

ELANTES methodology is based on a learner-centered approach with the usage of personal computers for training different language skills at every lesson.

ELANTES platform consists of 4 applications:

  • - Author’s Toolkit;
  • - Teacher’s Assistant
  • - Home Tutor
  • - Digital Register.

Every application has a set of certain functions.

“Author’s Toolkit” helps to create multimedia interactive modules according to the curriculum. I divide the instructional materials into small meaningful parts to be understood and learnt. This way of presentation makes learning easy. Small steps lead to great success: from ABC to BBC.

“Teacher’s Assistant” allows students work with courseware and helps to manage individual training in the group. ‘Home Tutor’ manages student’s activities at home on Internet. ‘Digital Register’ stores and classifies the marks. Some marks for speaking, writing and project activities, I put personally in the register, they are also taken into account for final evaluation. This digital register is available for me, my students and their parents all the academic year round. Every student has got their online virtual personal room at school and at home where they study according to their plan and have access to interactive modules, reference materials and the digital register.

Students spend about 30% of time at the lesson in ELANTES virtual language environment, independently training different language skills. ELANTES Teacher’s Assistant manages students’ training. Students study at their own pace according their personal monthly plan of class work. Their homework is planned in the same way. Student’s performance is evaluated automatically and is stored in database. Students have access to their assessed work on their personal pages and can improve their achievements. I can monitor students’ training in order to help them. Transparent and feasible tasks motivate students as well as marks for their activities and they can achieve excellent results practically at every lesson. After individual training, students are ready to take part in other activities, such as pair work or group work, speaking or writing. They feel themselves as equal partners.

Since 1996, ELANTES technology has proved its effectiveness in teaching students of different ages. Our students pass English exams with high results and enter different universities. English helps them in everyday life and at work to be successful.

ELANTES methodology is replicable in any classroom with appropriate equipment. The teachers of our gymnasium have been using my courseware for teaching their students in ELANTES labs for more than 10 years. They have an access to a large instructional courseware library with nearly 5000 interactive multimedia modules to develop different language skills for students from the 4th grade to the 11th grade.

ELANTES technology allows students to study at their own pace. Interactive exercises and feasible tasks motivate students to learn. Those who miss the lessons can fulfill their tasks later. As a result, both quick-witted and slow students benefit from ELANTES technology developing their skills and acquiring quality education.

ELanTeS Technology

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