Project Work

0000156955_XqsaAdPY  eTwinning is a community that’s involved more than 400,000 teachers working in 166,000 schools. More than 50,000 projects have been run, involving more than 2,000,000 pupils across the continent (*October 2016). eTwinning – the Community for schools in Europe – is an action for schools funded by the European Commission under the Erasmus+ programme. eTwinning, eTwinning platform ( offers a high level of support for its users. In each of participating countries (currently 38) a National Support Service (NSS) promotes the action, provides advice and guidance for end users and organizes a range of activities and professional development opportunities at national level. At European level, eTwinning is coordinated by the Central Support Service (CSS) managed by European Schoolnet, a consortium of 30 Ministries of Education.

This body liaises with the NSS and is responsible for the development of the platform, as well as offering a range of professional development opportunities and other activities such as an annual European Conference and a Prize Event which awards teachers and students for their involvement in outstanding projects. eTwinning incorporates a sophisticated digital platform that has both public and private areas and is available in 28 languages. The public area offers browsing visitors a range of information about how to become involved in eTwinning; explaining the benefits the action offers and provides inspiration for collaborative project work. The restricted area, called eTwinning Live, is the individual teacher’s interface with the community: it enables users to find each other, interact, collaborate in projects and participate in professional development activities organised at national and European Level. Finally when teachers work together in a project they have access to a restricted and dedicated area for the project called the TwinSpace. (Central Support Service for eTwinning)

Here is one of my projects, which was enlisted in the library of the most interesting eTwinning projects in Ukraine:

Crafted leaf-animals

ASTRA team feedback

Project evaluation activities

Troyeschyna Gymnasium Team

Troyeschyna Gymnasium, Kyiv, Ukraine, V3

Awesome autumn in Kyiv

Created with KIZOA for eTwinning projects


Merry Christmas

Crafted leaf-animals

Happy Halloween

Awesome autumn in Kyiv

Meet VIP

An apple for the teacher

Meet Winnie

Back to school

Back to school

Project ‘ABC wonders’

Yelanetsky Nature Reserve

Chornobyl Nature Reserve

Rivnensky Nature Reserve

Project ‘Nova Terra’

Project evaluation activities

Funny moments during project work

Flowers for the Ukrainian wreath

Greeting cards for Eurovision Winner

Flowers for the project

The eTwinning Project. ‘Flower team’

Creating a bouquet for the winner

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